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Romance Ramblings Episode 5 ~

Bestselling authors Catherine Gayle, Erin Knightley and Olivia Kelly join Ava and Jerrica for a fun evening of Q&A invovling gansta names and determing where everyone's loyalties lie.

Romance Ramblings Episode 6 ~

Ava and Jerrica talk with bestselling authors Julie Johnstone and Samantha Grace, live from the RT 2013 Convention. They talk all things conference and show off their pedicures.

Romance Ramblings Episode 7 ~

Bestselling authors Ava and Jerrica discuss heroes, FAME and find sound effects. WIth guest MEALS.

Romance Ramblings Episode 4 ~

Ava & Jerrica discuss regional writing conferences, talk with special guest "MEALS" and Ava breaks the only 2 rules she has for herself. 

Romance Ramblings Episode 2 ~

Ava & Jerrica discuss squirrels, woodpeckers, and the lives their heroines live.

Romance Ramblings Episode 3 ~

Ava & Jerrica discuss New Orleans, Idaho, and the controversial plot lines of their books.

Romance Ramblings Episode 1 ~

Ava & Jerrica discuss real life people used as characters and their pet peeves of the day!

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